Check out the financial services available in UK

It is important to note that in present times, the whole idea of making any type of financial investment is quite a difficult responsibility. It is not just due to the various issues that are present in the market in today’s date such as the short repayment period or any other type of issues, rather it is the whole loan policy and the issues associated with it that makes it all the more difficult.

Here are certain financial policies that may help the customers in choosing the correct loan that would suit their requirements and would be beneficial for them.

  • The 12 month loan:

This is a short term loan that is especially used by the people for fulfilling their pending expenses.

Certain features:

  • One has to be an adult to apply for the loan.
  • One has to be a citizen of UK.
  • One has to have a proper and secure source of earning.
  • An active checking of the bank account needs to be done.


  • The past credit score is not an issue in this regard.
  • There is no need to keep any security against the loan.
  • There is flexibility in terms of payment of the loan.
  • The loan gets approved easily within a short span of time.


  • The rate of interest is not fixed.
  • Personal loans:

These are small and short term loans for daily usage purpose.


  • Loans against credit cards.
  • Personal line of credit.
  • Term loans.
  • Overdraft protection.

This is one of the easiest loans available. It mainly depends upon one’s source of income and hence a person has no such hurry or tension to pay back the amount.

Having a good credit score can definitely be helpful in this case and hence people can actually make sure that the money is used in the beneficial manner.

  • Logbook loans:

In this case, one has to give the ownership of one’s vehicle to the person from whom the money has been borrowed. Though the borrower can use the vehicle till the time the payment is done, however in case a borrower defaults the vehicle is lost.

This is truly a risky process of giving one’s vehicle to the lender. However, one has to keep in mind that it is an easy and quick way to take loans in the best possible manner.

Thus, the whole risk of losing out remains.

How can Innovate 100 be helpful:

  • Our primary aim is to serve the customers in the best possible manner. They should not feel detached or pressurized while paying back the loan.
  • The rates of interest with us are affordable and can be easily paid back. Thus, with us customers can form a long term bonding rather than a minimal short term association.
  • The time period for repayment provided by us is also quite long, so that there is no such pressure on the people that would hinder their prospects.

So in case you want more information on the various financial services in UK do stay connected with us. We will update as per the new routines.