Time clocks are an effective way for employers to keep track of the hours employees claim on their paycheck, and in many instances, time clocks will automatically generate the logs necessary to generate paychecks, so no separate paperwork is required. But time clock systems are also useful for employees, as they provide verification of hours worked. Even if an employee has never had an issue with a paycheck discrepancy due to hours that have been unaccounted for, it’s still peace of mind to have a printed receipt indicating when you punched in and out. This site can explain more about logging and receipt options for employers and employees.

As an employer, a time clock system is a valuable tool. This type of system will automate the punch-in and punch-out process for employees, and more sophisticated clocks can track breaks, too, and even provide visual or audible reminders for employers and employees. Advanced time clock systems of today can integrate with a company’s computer system (such as a cash register system, another type of point-of-sale system, or a warehouse’s inventory system), which can make it easy to track employee hours and duties performed all with one system.

When choosing the right type of time clock system for your business, consider the type of business you need, the number of employees you have on your payroll, and your concerns for employee monitoring. If you simply want a data-based record of the hours employees are working, a simplistic punch-style system can do the trick. But if you’re interested in a system that can log hours, generate reminders for breaks, print out daily or weekly reports, and even assist with generating reports for accounting and payroll, then a more advanced system may be your best bet. And for businesses who are in the security industry, look to the advanced, high-end systems that can integrate seamlessly with access cards and computer log-in information. Logging hours and verifying an employee’s identity in one fell swoop isn’t just a pipe dream nowadays – thanks to technology, it’s a reality.

While your budget may be a concern when choosing a time clock system for your business, keep in mind that it will most likely be a one-time investment, so if you can afford to pay a little more for a system you really want, you should do so.


Helping Your Teenager Become Credit Worthy

by Web Master on November 8, 2013

What does your teen-ager or college-age student know about money and handling money? If your child is like most, they understand all the answers about money, but few of the practical applications. They’re prone to indulge in frequent impulse purchases as well as ignoring total expenditures. For example, a mere white chocolate drink at Starbuck’s daily costs around $4.50 plus tax. If they purchase one every school day, the total cost is $22.50 plus tax per week, or an estimated $96.75 per month. These expenditures are reflected when they check their SpendSmart™ balance. How long does it usually take to learn this lesson without this useful tool?
The SpendSmart™ Prepaid MasterCard©allows adults to set allowance amounts to be added on a regular (or irregular) basis from their personal smartphone or computer using a bank account, credit card, or online access. Adults can supervise the balances in the SpendSmart™ account and where the amount has been spent, encouraging accountability. Instant text alerts can be set up to notify parents of their teen’s most recent purchases as well as their available balance. Furthermore, a text from the parents’ phone if the card is misplaced can lock access to the card. The information about this card is available at https://spendsmartcard.com/how-it-works.
All you have to do in order to access a SpendSmart ™ card is to:

Create an account
Order the card
Add your teen’s information
Add your information


Hire an accountant to manage finances

by Web Master on October 29, 2013

Smart individuals and businesses hire an accountant to manage their finances. Keeping their finances in order often depends on knowing how to file taxes, and accountants know about tax laws better than anyone. They offer numerous benefits to large and small businesses and independent contractors. Here are five reasons to manage to hire an accountant.

1. Taxes – Taxes are often the first thing accountants learn in business school. They know all of the complex tax laws, and this can be helpful when it is time for an individual or business to file their tax returns. Accountants ensure that their clients comply with tax laws and avoid problems further down the road.

2. Assets – Business owners and independent contractors have numerous assets to organize, and this can be challenging for people who are not inclined toward mathematics and finance. Accountants help clients balance their assets and debts and advise them of ways to operate within a designated budget.

3. Investments – Accountants have the knowledge and expertise to spot investment opportunities. They help their clients invest their money wisely in preparation for the future. Whether an individual or business wants to earn a quick return on their investment or save for the future, an accountant can help them invest in the right markets.

4. Planning – Planning for business expansion, upgrades or any number of things is hard without knowing what money is available for these scenarios. Accountants help their clients determine just how much they can afford to invest in expansion. Business and financial planning can benefit tremendously from an accountant’s services.

5. Networking – Networking is a powerful marketing tactic, especially for small businesses. It can accelerate the success of a business or individual. Most accountants have many clients in the business world, and they have access to other people. This gives their clients a better chance of networking with people who can help their business or personal endeavors.

Qualified accountants can help people in numerous ways. Referrals are often the best way to find them. Online directory listings and review sites can also help. Clients in New Jersey and New York can visit Frazer, Evangelista & Company and other certified public accounting firms. Whether people need help for business or personal reasons, an experienced accountant can provide them with the advice they need to manage their finances.


Michael J. Yuda, CPA, LLC at Yuda.com is a full-service certified public accountant firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The firm is dedicated to providing professional and personalized accounting services to individuals and to businesses of all sizes and can help manage your taxes, accounting, and QuickBooks bookkeeping matters in a highly personalized, friendly, and trust-worthy manner. The accountants at the firm are committed to establishing long-term relationships with clients, are dedicated to using a collaborative approach with their accounting services, and also happen to speak Japanese.

Michael J. Yuda, CPA, PFS graduated in accounting from California State University, Northridge. He then worked as a revenue agent for the Internal Revenue Service. After his time at the IRS, he worked in the tax department of Green Hasson & Janks for a little over four years, gaining further tax and accounting experience. Because of his technical expertise in these areas, Yuda was brought on as a partner at the Beverly Hills CPA firm of Singer and Tiano. In 1983, Yuda formed Michael J. Yuda, CPA, An Accountancy Corporation. He has also earned a PFS (Personal Financial Specialist) designation from the AICPA and is a member of the Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants, California Society of Certified Public Accountants, and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Michael J. Yuda works alongside his wife, Misa Yuda, who is also an experienced accountant. After gaining extensive experience and expertise in accounting and bookkeeping through 14 years of work as an accountant in Japan, Misa moved to Hawaii in 2011 and formed Misa Yuda Island Bookkeeping, LLC.

Services that Michael J. Yuda, CPA, LLC provides include tax consulting and preparation, accounting, QuickBooks bookkeeping, and business consulting. The firm is very experienced in preparation of all personal and business tax returns and deals with complex tax issues such as investment transactions, home purchase or sale, substantial stock transactions, pay raises and large bonuses, and marriage, separation, and divorce issues. The firm serves businesses of all sizes as well as individual clients with reliable, personal, professional, and trustworthy service.

For more information about CPA services at Yuda.com, please visit http://www.yuda.com/. While at the site, click on “blog” at the top of the page to be directed to further helpful information about CPA Honolulu at Yuda.com.


Top online MBA programs

by Web Master on September 27, 2013

It may be hard to find the top online MBA program, but the best place to start looking is on review sites. You want to see how the MBA programs have been rated by professionals and how they have been reviewed by people who have actually taken the courses. There may be a difference. Sometimes, a program will look great on the outside, so people will rank it very highly, but the people who are actually in the program will expose things that only they could know. Sometimes, it works the other way, and people who were part of a low-ranking program will review it very highly, saying it is actually better than it seems.

One thing that the top ranked program should have is professors who are at the tops of their professions. If you are going to learn things that you can use for the rest of your life, don’t you want to learn them from someone who really knows what he or she is talking about? What use is it to form all of your thoughts and ideas around the thoughts and ideas of someone who is not very accomplished? Make sure that you check out how the professors rank, not just how the program ranks.

Another thing that it should offer you is some flexibility so that you can take the classes in the fashion that works with your schedule and your life. You are probably taking online classes in the first place because you wanted a bit more freedom than you could find with the traditional schedule. If you work full time, the classes should be set up so that you can do the work in the evenings. You should also be allowed to take just one class if you want or a full class load if that is what you desire, based on the time that you have available.

Finally, the program should offer you some help finding a job when you get done. Yes, having a degree at all is your best tool for getting a job, but it takes more than that. You have to know where to look. You have to know about all of your options. At the very least, the school should give you some resources that you can use so that you can see what types of jobs other people in your field have managed to get recently.


The Rise Of Green Shipping

by Web Master on September 26, 2013

It is hard to imagine just how much of the goods that we use every day make their way to us via ship. Just about all major imports and exports move this way, and an enormous container port industry has grown up around this form of transport. However, while shipping goods by ocean is obviously much more environmentally friendly than sending them by aircraft – even if you could handle the volumes that way – ocean shipping is still a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, any innovations that make shipping more environmentally friendly are of critical importance.

There is significant industry interest in reducing carbon emissions, including by the World Shipping Council, one of the industry’s main trade organizations. They have put major focus on this area, including discussing initiatives such as carbon taxes combined with an emission trading system. They are also actively looking at other environmental issues related to shipping – such as nitrogen and sulfur oxide emissions and controlling discharge of ballast water. In fact, common shipping practices can result in significant damage to wildlife – taking the previous example of ballast water discharge, this can introduce damaging invasive species such as zebra mussels. Aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins are also extremely vulnerable to being struck by ships, and therefore identifying the habitats and routing ships around these has a positive impact on the marine environment.


Self-regulation initiatives can deliver significant value when it comes to making shipping more environmentally friendly – for example, you can read on Francesco Corallo’s blog how Monaco is championing the use of sustainable timber in luxury yacht construction. However, unless technology innovation supports these initiatives, progress will be limited. Fortunately, there have been some intriguing developments over the last few years.

One example is hybrid ships. The idea here is to use a combination of diesel power and sails for propulsion, thereby saving significant amounts of fuel – which benefits both the environment and the ocean freight company. Experiments in this area are only beginning, but results are promising. Back in 2008, the U.S. Navy chartered a hybrid cargo ship to take supplies to Europe. The ship used a giant kite to take advantage of favorable wind conditions, and ended up saving $1000 worth of fuel each day. Given that the trip took approximately 2 months, that’s a saving of around $60,000. There is also work underway in Japan to develop a wind-powered cargo ship that uses telescopic sails set on the deck of the freighter. Researchers there plan to launch a prototype in 2016, and expect fuel savings of around 30%.


However, perhaps the most promising technology involves changes to the diesel engines themselves. Another design, referred to as the Gamma Propulsion System, places a number of smaller diesel engines along the length of the ship, rather than having all of the diesel powered located at the rear – this makes it easier to apply thrust as well as maneuver the ship. It is predicted that this approach will reduce fuel consumption by up to 75% – a result that engineers hope to demonstrate with an 80 meter prototype ship in the near future.


The convenience of internet courses

by Web Master on September 25, 2013

With more and more leading universities offering online mba programs, professionals who are looking to further their career in business now have many options. The convenience of internet courses takes much of the strain out of trying to figure out how to work classes into an already busy work schedule. However, there are some crucial questions to ask before opting to go the virtual route.

Most will agree that the cost of furthering one’s education is one of the most important things to consider before choosing where to go and what courses to take. Fortunately, most universities fully accept financial aid for their online courses. Financial aid can come from sources including federal grants, scholarships, and loans. It’s a good idea to choose a college that offers financial counseling to prospective students.

Accreditation is also a vital piece of the distance learning puzzle. There are six regional bodies of accreditation, and their seal of accreditation holds the same standards for online courses as it does for traditional studies done on-site. Additionally, there are national accreditation bodies which may apply to certain online colleges. Obtaining a degree from a fully accredited university ensures two very important things. One being that credits earned can be transferred easily to another school, and second is that potential employers will recognize the quality of the degree earned.

One of the most attractive aspects of the mba online degree program is its flexibility. Many universities have an accelerated track that busy professionals can take advantage of. Usually this degree can be earned in as little as two years. Distance learning students will have access to the same quality education as brick and mortar students minus the commute. This flexibility allows busy professionals to further their education without taking away from their current job.

Additionally, colleges such as Pepperdine University offer online business courses that focus on concentrated electives like finance, marketing, management, and more. This specialization is designed specifically for individuals who need certain skills to further their career and potentially increase their earnings. Such specialized training can be a valuable asset for any professional’s resume.

Taking the virtual route to earn a business degree can lead to continued success for motivated individuals. Distance learning takes quite a bit of self-discipline, but the advantages that come with online degree programs are often worth the effort!


The Newest Technology is Always Old

by Guest Blogger on September 22, 2013

Image Honda Civic Cheap ModifiedMy computer science professor told me that there were a lot of people that would say that the newest technology is always old by the time you master it. What he meant by this was the fact that technology is changing so rapidly that nothing is ever remaining constant. People are always coming up with the latest and newest things to replace what is coming out right now. It’s like trying to find the best auto insurance, there are so many choices that you do not know what to chose because you are so overwhelmed by a lot of good choices you do not want to make the wrong choice.


How Telecoms Is Helping Afghanistan Grow

by Web Master on September 11, 2013

In 2002, Afghanistan was gripped by oppressive Taliban rule. Its centralized economy was controlled and planned, stifling the economic, as well as social, growth and development of the country. Since the economy switched to a more free-market based model, Afghan business has been booming. GDP growth was riding as high as 20% in 2004, following the decapitation of the previous regime and a wider switch toward democracy and economic liberty. A major part of this growth can be attributed to the increased investment in infrastructure. From a largely agricultural economy with little in the way of technological infrastructure, Afghanistan today is becoming increasingly ready to compete in the global marketplace.


Afghan Wireless Communications was set up by entrepreneur Ehsan Bayat, in conjunction with the Afghan Ministry of Communications. Today, it provides the mobile telecoms infrastructure necessary for the economic development of the country. In Ehsan Bayat’s blog, he talks about the latest news and developments surrounding these businesses. It is with the help of expats like Bayat that Afghanistan is seeing the investment and infrastructure it requires to move toward a more commercial, as opposed to agricultural, economic model.

The introduction of reliable, affordable telecoms can have a significant impact on an economy. In the developed world, the Internet brought about a communications revolution, allowing businesses to communicate more effectively with each other and their customers. Furthermore, it enabled businesses to deal internationally in an instant, for the first time. In much the same way, the rollout of practical, affordable telecoms providers in countries like Afghanistan is helping to rebuild economies, supercharge businesses, and improve lives.

Better telecoms and systems allow for more cost-effective commerce. Businesses can now start up and communicate with customers in a way that would previously have been difficult. As the economy becomes more tech-savvy, this will only serve to improve the prospects of business owners who are looking to find ways of marketing their products and services.


At the same time, the improvement in communications is making long distance messages more affordable and more instant. This enables businesses, government departments and even individuals to expand their reach, covering a wider geographic area of potential communications. Continued investment in this area, along with other types of infrastructure, will therefore be central to the ongoing growth of the Afghan economy. This will require an enduring commitment from entrepreneurs and private capital, as well as the kind of government support that has helped the country reach its present stage of growth.

Developing countries can benefit significantly from improving infrastructure. Technologies in particular can have a lasting effect, helping to connect previously excluded areas to the rest of the world and the global marketplace. As Afghanistan continues to recover from the oppressive regimes of the past, its present and future looks much brighter, thanks to the perseverance and indefatigability of business and civil leaders. With lasting economic improvements, the state can continue to promote and sponsor the investment Afghanistan, and countries similar to it, need in order to grow.


How a Video Platform can Help Your Business

by Web Master on September 5, 2013

Do you own or manage a business and want to maximize the potential of your company videos? Unfortunately, too many people don’t understand why they need a streaming video platform. Some assume that the business videos they produce and share are sufficient, or think a video suite is just another expense or program to learn. However, a top-notch social online video platform will not only manage, distribute, and capture content, it will reduce costs and improve viewer engagement.

Unbeatable Benefits

If you aren’t familiar with a video suite, you will probably be surprised at how beneficial they are. For starters, distributing content is much more simple. Now, with the assistance of a superior platform, you can share videos whenever you want and they can be viewed on both desktops and mobile phones. Have you ever experienced difficulty trying to search for videos? If so, you won’t have to deal with that again, since a platform lets you index videos extremely well. Now, when employees are looking for a video, they will find it right away, instead of wasting valuable time searching. Moving on, the social features make communication much easier. Instead of sending emails to different people, discussion for each video will be threaded and consolidated right there.

If anyone wants to share the video on a social network, this will also be simple. Next, if you currently use a number of systems or portals, you are sure to appreciate the fact that you can integrate them as well. In addition to all of this, the sometimes daunting task of uploading videos will be simplified. It doesn’t matter which format you use, you can upload and distribute them easily. Plus, if you want to capture content from your webcam, you can use a suite to publish it within minutes. Also, because you are likely to want to know how many times a video was viewed and for how long, the administrative control a platform provides is unbeatable. Finally, there are security features that allow you to securely share videos with the right people, which is especially helpful when it comes to company secrets or other types of private information.

Bring Out the Best

If you want to make sure your company videos are as efficient as possible, buy a platform that exceeds customer expectations. Don’t settle for a second-rate choice; be sure to do business with a company that sells comprehensive suites. Not only will managers be glad that the platform streamlines the entire process, but employees are also sure to appreciate it as well. Time is money, so don’t lose any more by continuing to create and share videos inefficiently. If you are looking for a reasonably priced way to take your company to the next level, invest in a streaming video platform.

Start Today

If you want to start producing and sharing videos as easily as possible, don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the numerous perks that a video platform offers. Once you start enjoying how a video suite makes a day in the office simpler, you will be thankful for this excellent tool. When you sign up for a first-rate suite, business videos will be more effective, social, and secure.